Where Are All The Wearables?

Baby, Baby, where did our love go?

As with most things in life, there’s a honeymoon phase.

You know, that fluttery fleeting feeling you get when something is new and different; leaving you feeling excited and motivated for what’s to come. This feeling can apply to nearly anything in life: from a budding relationship to a career switch to a New Year’s resolution to - dare we say it - wearable devices.

Upon purchasing, new wearables owners are highly engaged with their devices; wearing them, checking them, syncing them with apps, comparing their progress from the day before. All telltale signs of someone elbow deep in the honeymoon. In fact, according to a new, national survey performed by our market research partners, studies showed that almost 90% of people wore their wearable smartwatch daily when they first bought them. Rightfully so, these watches were an investment, and designed to streamline a person’s life - making the mundane mission possible. And over 50% of those surveyed agreed that their wearable device helped simplify their daily life, so it’s no wonder there was a spike in usage. Because of this high level of engagement, people felt that their lifestyles’ were healthier than ever before. These smartwatches motivated owners to adjust their lifestyles a bit; exercising more frequently, taking the stairs, standing rather than sitting, and opting for the leafy greens at lunch.

But some good things do come to a screeching halt. All too often, wearables go from one of the most productive tools in your life, to professional junk drawer inhabitants. After only a few months of usage, many people confessed their wearable engagement dropped significantly. Only 45% of smartwatch owners reported continued daily use of their wearable devices after just three months! For the remaining 55%, reasons for discontinued daily wear varied. Many smartwatch owners reported that they were less engaged with their device after 90 days due to short battery life, difficulty to charge, not enough fitness apps, and general disinterest.

Looking objectively, there seems to be a significant disconnect between what consumers say will motivate them to use their wearables long term, and what manufactures are putting into the market.  54% of respondents said they are likely to purchase a smartwatch in the future, but are looking for makers of these devices to provide new, better features. These features include a more stylish design, more seamless integration with other devices and apps, a longer battery life, voice commands, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

If you’re among those who let their wearables die a slow, dust-collecting death, it’s time to reassess. Let us take your unused wearable devices off your wrist and we’ll fork over cold, hard cash in return. Curious what we accept? We’ll take your dust-collecting Apple Watches, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, Samsung Gear (2) Neo Smartwatch, and Fitbits.

Happy Trading!